Damn you, Indecision!

Windows Mobile Annoyance of the Day

Why can’t I jot something down in the Notes app and attach a simple reminder alarm to it? It seems like such a simple, intuitive thing that a user would consider doing. It shouldn’t require downloading a 3rd-party app like apMemo+ (which I just found out about today) to accomplish this simple task. Speaking of Tasks, I know that you can set reminder alarms for new tasks in that built-in app, but it’s more fussy to enter a new task than to just jot a note down and set an alarm for it.

I’m not a power Outlook or calendar user so I don’t necessarily need one of the 3rd-party PIM apps like Action Names or Pocket Informant (?) just to make reminder notes for myself… I’m going to download apMemo+ and try it out. Any other suggestions for lightweight apps to make sticky notes with alarms?


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