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New Toshiba Gigabeat S Case from Vaja Cases

Although I haven’t been using my Toshiba Gigabeat S in quite a while (I’m considering selling it…any interested buyers? 🙂 ), I am still interested in watching its development in the marketplace, especially now that Toshiba is manufacturing the Zune for Microsoft. 

I just got an e-mail today from Vaja Cases about their new case for the Gigabeat S, called Balance.  The case starts at $60, with assorted customizations such as type of belt clip and type of inner lining that add to the final cost of the case.  This may sound steep to some of you, but I can say without reservation that it will be money well-spent.  I am not associated with Vaja Cases in any way.  I just know of the company and have used their cases in the past for my Sony Clies, before I started buying aluminum cases for my newer mobile devices.  Their quality and designs are top-notch, and each case is usually created from scratch as per the customer’s specification.  There were some cases that were offered as “ready-to-wear”, as it were, but Vaja Cases is more well-known for their custom designs.

I recommend visiting their site yourself to see the full line of products they offer.  You can also check out the customization options for the Gigabeat S case here.  I really wish they had a custom case for the T-Mobile MDA, but unfortunately they only offer a universal pouch for the MDA.  I’m going to inquire if they’re ever going to offer a specialized case for the MDA, though.  I hope so! 😀


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  1. There is another great case for the Gigabeat S made by a company called M-edge. I bought one of their neoprene cases a few weeks ago and have been very satisfied. Case comes with removable armband and belt clip for around $20.00…pretty good deal considering the cost of some other accessories I’ve seen! Anyway, recommend checking them out at http://www.buymedge.com.

    October 17, 2006 at 5:56 am

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