Damn you, Indecision!

New Sidebar Item: Links from Google Reader

As I mentioned in my previous blog entry about the new changes to Google Reader, there is an option to share feed entries on a publicly-accessible site.  Google Reader also offers an RSS feed for it.  So I’ve added the RSS feed to my blog’s sidebar.

If you’d rather see the HTML version of the feed, check here:


Or, if for some reason you want to add the RSS feed to your own aggregator, here’s the raw link:


So at least if I am not able to blog about things due to busy-ness or laziness ( 🙂 ), I can still share interesting articles with you guys this way.  I’m warning you all right now, a lot of the articles are probably going to come from Engadget, Gizmodo, JKOnTheRun, or GottaBeMobile, so if you read all of those sites already, my “interesting links” feed will probably seem redundant.  But I am interested in stuff beyond gadgets (shocking, no??), so occasionally other feeds will show up, like Moleskinerie, or DPReview, or perhaps even a link to a podcast or two.

Another warning, I may get tired of marking items for sharing at any time, but I’ll at least try it for a week or so, to try and add content for you all to check out between blog posts. 🙂  Let’s see how the experiment goes…


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