Damn you, Indecision!

Breathing a sigh of relief

Phew! Finally my M200 is starting to feel normal again. I went back to running XP Tablet Edition. Even though it was possible to run Vista RC1, it wasn’t a very pleasant experience. The lack of Toshiba driver support was annoying, and the machine’s HD was almost constantly chugging due to some unknown process (HD indexing, perhaps?). Overall my M200 was boggy and unresponsive under Vista RC1.

I loved the tablet-related changes, especially the movable floating TIP, and the new Start menu. But the other sacrifices I had to make were not worth the improved tablet features. So now I’m back on XP Tablet. While it’s not as pretty, XP works well on my M200, so that’s all that matters to be at the moment. Sometime later, when I’ve upgraded to a more capable machine, I’ll check out Vista again. But I’ve had enough of Vista beta testing for a while.


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