Damn you, Indecision!

Question for OneNote 2007 Beta Users

I know there’s a new beta download available now; hopefully I can get it downloaded and installed tonight, because ON2007 is running like molasses on my M200 + Vista RC1. 😛 Anyway, I wanted to ask a quick question:

For those of you who use the printer driver to print documents to OneNote 2007, do you know if there’s a way to configure it so that each page after the first one is a subpage in ON, instead of having it print out all pages onto one ON page? It’s annoying to switch between a document printed into ON and a page of my notes, and have to scroll back to the place I left off reading (it’s like the Gigabeat’s (or PSP’s) lack of bookmarking for audio files! GRRR.). At least with the ON2003 printer driver there was a way to do this “one-to-one” printing.

Any suggestions for workarounds? Any way to tell the ON developers that I want this feature back? 🙂


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