Damn you, Indecision!

System Restore Seems Imminent


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  1. Shogmaster

    I don’t know how old your install got to be before going all poopy, but may I suggest that you try doing a fresh install instead of a system restore through image disc from your OEM? As soon as I got my Toshiba R15 over a year ago, I zonked the crapware filled Toshiba image and did a fresh install with the help of a WinXP:MCE SP2 OEM disc that my friend had. This install is into month 14 or so, and it’s still peppy as the first day.

    Basically, all versions of Windows share the install from the first disc of the OEM set and the keycode you enter and the data on the second disc determines which version of XP you end up with. The only tricky part of the install was that the Windows asks for some wierd disc to be inserted. That’s when you stick in the second disc from the OEM MCE SP2 set. And then after while, it’s ask for the first disc again and you feed it that disc. Then you’ll have a brand new, never been touched installation of WinXP:TPC Edition.

    You will have to hunt down and install all the drivers for the individual devices on your TPC afterwards yourself though (possibly the hardest part, depending on how good or bad your TPC OEM’s driver download web site is).

    Either way, good luck!


    September 5, 2006 at 5:53 am

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