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Logitech USB Keyboard for Playstation 2 (another UMPC keyboard alternative)

I tried out the Logitech keyboard with the Q1 this evening while IMing back and forth with the hubby (who’s away on business, for those of you who aren’t regular readers 🙂 ). This keyboard was much improved over the Solidtek ultra-mini keyboard I got yesterday. Since the keys are basically full-sized and in the same layout as a regular keyboard, it was no problem to regularly touch-type. I would have no reservations using this keyboard with the Q1 to type out an e-mail, blog entry, or even something longer, like a report. The keys felt solid and were easy to type on (didn’t require any more pressure than a regular keyboard), if a bit louder than a standard laptop keyboard. The keys are thicker (taller) and have a little longer distance to travel than the keys on my M200 keyboard, which accounts for the louder sound. But the keyboard is solid, well-made, and well laid out. Although it is thicker and larger than the Solidtek keyboard overall, I don’t think it would be hard to transport in a small bag along with the Q1. It’s still well within the range of the ultra-portable category. The Logitech keyboard seems like a very good contender against the official Samsung Q1 keyboard. Its price of $19.99 at Fry’s (you can also find this cheaper online) makes it hard to buy the Samsung keyboard over the Logitech (the Samsung keyboard is $99). The only thing I would really ding it for is the lack of a carrying case, but since it is meant to be used with a Playstation 2, I’m not surprised that it lacks a bundled slipcover.

Below are some pictures of the Logitech keyboard:


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