Damn you, Indecision!

Windows Live Writer is pretty dang cool

Well, as you could probably tell from the sudden abundance of ink blog posts, I like the ink blogging plug-in for Windows Live Writer. šŸ™‚ It works very well, and makes it a looooooooot simpler to post ink blog posts. I am eager to see the next version of this plug-in, definitely. I haven’t yet had a chance to post a regular blog post with pictures and a little more formatting (like the text wrapping around the pictures), but I’m confident that it should work out okay.

I don’t know what Microsoft did, but Windows Live Writer “just works” with WordPress. The picture uploading worked without a hitch. It does have an issue with my categories list, where because I have so many categories (I use them like tags, instead of regular categories), the list goes off the bottom of the screen and there’s no way to scroll down to see the whole list. So I have to set my categories manually on the WordPress.com site, but it’s okay. Also, I noticed that setting the title on ink blog posts doesn’t always “take” the first time around. I have to enter the blog post title 2 or 3 times before it will stick. I will experiment with it more to see if there’s a way around that. But so far, other than those two issues, WLW has been working like a champ for me. I was going to consider buying Blogjet, but WLW is a fine alternative for me at the moment.


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